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A Clothesline

I’ve been thinking a lot about line drying lately. I know I should. The dryer wreaks havoc on your clothes. The lint trap and the layer of fuzz that you clean every time you dry your clothes…those are pieces of your clothing! Yes, and the eco-friendly will tell me how much electricity the dryer uses. The most frugal will agree that you can bring down your electricity costs by not using your dryer. Oh and then there are the romantic sort who remember bygone days and the smell of line-dried sheets.

What’s stopping me? The same things stopping many people I know. It’s time consuming, and requires getting a clothesline, or enough drying racks for a full load. For some people it’s a lack of space indoors or outdoors. I’ve got the space, but not the line. I’ve got the time, but not enough drying racks. Right now spending money on equipment to dry clothes is just not in the budget. Plus, I rent so I won’t be screwing anything into the house or trees. These are all great excuses reasons for not doing it right?

Today I was in the basement doing laundry and thinking about how much of a shame it would be to have to do two loads in the dryer. Couldn’t I consolidate them somehow? Well, yes in fact I could. That sheet really doesn’t need to go in the dryer. I could hang it over the rail of my porch. You know these light knit shirts would fit just fine on my small drying rack, and they won’t get beat up by my dryer.The jeans will take forever to dry so they can go in the dryer. I’ve had that baby blanket since I was a baby, and now my kids use it. Perhaps I could go easy on it and put that on the drying rack as well.

All this time wishing I had the time/money/equipment/space to line dry my clothes, and I had completely forgotten one important thing. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. So I threw what I could on the drying rack, and over the porch rail and the rest went into ONE dryer load.

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Written on July 31, 2013 by mama-admin.


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